Federal Office for Agriculture and Food


As a centre for administrative services the BLE takes on a variety of services mainly for the Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture (BMEL) but also for the institutions within its scope of activities. Administrative services are also rendered for other departments. The offer is available to all federal authorities and institutions in Germany.

For many years now, and within the respective areas of competence, the BLE has been serving as a centre for administrative services and disposes of an extensive range of experiences in the field. In order to viably expand the range of services offered, the BLE, via the BMEL, actively participates in the process which was initiated to create recognised service centres in Germany.

In order to take account of customers‘ particular expectations regarding service quality, the BLE established a quality management system which was certified, in 2018, by the firm Certqua pursuant to the quality standards laid down in the DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 standard. The certified range of services includes the following tasks:

  • Conducting central procurement procedures for goods and services on behalf of the ministry and of institutions within its scope of activities, by the so-called Central Procurement Body in coordination with the (independently certified) legal department.
  • Planning, organising and managing BMEL conferences and meetings, eventually with other departments’ participation.
  • Processing and calculating travel expenses, separation allowances and relocation costs.
  • Granting sickness benefits.
  • Granting child benefits.
  • Processing and calculating of workplace accidents.

IT Services

The BLE advises the BMEL and the institutions within its scope of activities on matters regarding information technology projects, it provides support for the conception of such IT projects and carries them out. As one of its tasks in this context, the BLE manages individual online operations and services such as web portals, specialised information systems and special technical data bases. As an expert, the BLE looks back on many years of experience regarding IT solutions in the fields of food and agriculture.