Federal Office for Agriculture and Food

Sustainable fisheries

Fishery products play an important role for human consumption; they contribute to a healthy diet, eating fish is a treat, and fishery products are appreciated as a traditional cultural asset.

In order to safeguard fish as a foodstuff for present and future generations, extensive protection zones are necessary, but also and foremost an ecologically, economically, and socially minded fisheries management is required. Fishing methods applied, and that will conserve the stock, biological diversity, and traditional pond landscapes take centre stage in this respect.

Undesirable by-catch is for the most part to be avoided and the ecosystem must not be damaged. Preservation and further development of sustainable aquaculture in Germany contributes to a responsible management of fisheries resources.

On behalf of the Federal Ministry for Food and Agriculture, the BLE manages, technically and in terms of organization, various research, development and demonstration projects in the areas of sustainable fisheries.