Federal Office for Agriculture and Food

Model Project "Demonstration Farms Integrated Plant Protection"

Selection of Demonstration Farms

An open bit selection process is initiated by the Federal Office for Agriculture and Food (BLE) and plant protection services of the German federal states through publications in regional media.

Applying farms are selected based on the following criteria:

  • qualified, economically successful full-time farms
  • plant protection based on IPM principles
  • utilization of all regional available extension and information services/media
  • willingness to implement new decision support systems and plant protection methods
  • full and timely documentation of all disease/pest incidences and use of plant protection products
  • willingness to disclose farm data and cooperate with plant protection services to establish an individual farm work plan
  • permission and facilitation of on-farm demonstrations and farm seminars
  • permission for on-farm data collection and cooperate with extension staff

Demonstration farms are funded based on the BMEL model project directive "Demonstration Farms Integrated Plant Protection", dated 7 May 2010. Funding is provided for anticipated financial losses due to new IPM method implementation, for project-specific costs, and for actions of knowledge transfer as specified in the directive.



  1. Selection of Demonstration Farms