Federal Office for Agriculture and Food

Research Cooperation for Global Food Security

The German Ministry for Food and Agriculture (BMEL) promotes the development of Research Cooperation for Food Security with agricultural research institutions in partner countries and in Germany.

The objective of this programme is to build long lasting international research partnerships between German and the respective partner countries' research organizations. Significant contributions not only for scientific progress but also for capacity development and knowledge development are expected from the research partnerships.

Under the latest call (nutrition, 2013) a total of 8 projects will be funded by the BMEL. Six research projects were approved and implementation started in 2015. Generally they aim to improve the nutrition of resource poor parts of populations in African countries via a diversified agricultural production. African Partners are research organizations and universities in East and South Africa who work together in a consortium approach with German universities and research organizations.

Under the theme "nutrition", the projects apply participatory and interdisciplinary approaches which are adequate to address the interests, needs and ideas of small holder farmers. The projects examine local food patterns and diets as well as the relationship between a wholesome diet and diversified agricultural production and they further develop local value chains for agricultural products.

Details regarding 4 ongoing research projects which are also shortly described below, are accessible in our overview and on FISA online:

Overview of projects currently funded
BMEL - Research Cooperation for Global Foodsecurity (FISA online)