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BMEL-Call for proposals: "Innovative approaches to process local food in Sub-Saharan Africa and Southeast Asia"

Research funding for projectconsortia consisting of German, African and Southeastasian partners. Topic: "Innovative approaches to process local food in Sub-Saharan Africa and Southeast Asia, which contribute to improved nutrition, as well as qualitative and quantitative reduction of losses".

This call is launched within the frame of the funding instrument "International research cooperation for global food security". The objective is to support joint research projects between German research institutions and those in countries and regions that are worst affected by hunger and malnutrition. The programme will fund the development of needs-based solutions and the creation of scientific networks which should also contribute to the development of local capacity.

This call is based on the "Directive on the funding of international research cooperation for global food security" dated 16th February 2016.

Partners in Africa and Asia are financed only through the forwarding of grants. Within each project, the coordinator of the research consortium, which must be a German research institution, is responsible for forwarding the funds. The coordinator applies for the necessary funds and forwards them as the first beneficiary to the foreign partners. German institutions applying for subsidies must be authorised and suitable for the forwarding of project funds.

a) General

Topic of this call is: "Innovative approaches to process local food in Sub-Saharan Africa and Southeast Asia, which contribute to improved nutrition, as well as qualitative and quantitative reduction of losses".

The BMEL funds research cooperation projects conducted by German agri-food research institutions and their counterparts in Sub-Saharan Africa and Southeast Asia, that aims to develop innovative approaches in food processing taking into account the relevant local conditions. The projects should focus on perishable food items of plant, animal and fungal origin, in particular with seasonal surpluses.

b) Focus

The focus is on local fruits, vegetables and protein (of plant and animal origin). Consideration should be given to the potential for innovation using neglected crops (neglected and under-utilised species; NUS) or traditional products and combinations of the aforementioned categories.

c) Objectives

Research will be funded that contribute to the following objectives:

  • retain nutritional value, shelf-life and food safety end products should be healthy, nutritious food products;
  • reduce seasonality of food insecurity and food and nutrient losses;
  • More efficient and particularly time-saving preparation of healthy meals.

These objectives are consistent with the "Key recommendations for improving nutrition through agriculture and food systems", and are included in the two research topic clusters "Healthy life, healthy food and safe products" and "Global responsibility – one world, one health – ensuring global food security and responsible resource management".

d) Approaches

This call includes research on technical and organisational, socio-cultural and/or socio-economic issues and combinations thereof.

Applications should pursue an holistic (system) approach to find joined-up solutions that can be implemented in the existing environment and should address following aspects:

  • Solve complex economic, ecological and social challenges to improve local nutrition in a sustainable way using comprehensive system-oriented approaches;
  • Research on local and culturally determined dietary habits as well as on the local acceptance of innovations regarding food processing and packaging;
  • Analyse technologically relevant aspects such as the influence of various processing technologies on the content and bioavailability of micro- and macronutrients in food;
  • Investigate or develop functioning organisational structures or producer associations;
  • Study and improve the exchange of information and work processes in existing organisational structures along the value chain, e.g. use of new IT and communication technologies to enhance production, processing and marketing (capacity development and transfer of knowledge);
  • Develop non-perishable and healthy food in the context of regional value chains in rural and (peri-) urban areas with good sales potential on local markets;
  • Explore a more efficient use of by-products along the entire value chain, respectively analyse networking opportunities of value chains for further processing;
  • Improve the processing and packaging of local products.

Cross-cutting issues arising from sustainable development goals (SDG) should also be taken into account.

Deadline for the submission of the Short Proposal and the Consortium Agreements is 01.12.2016 15 pm.

Documents and Links

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