Federal Office for Agriculture and Food

Bilateral Exchange of Scientists

The bilateral cooperation is an instrument of the BMEL to promote and financially support the collaboration of German research institutions with foreign research institutes in the field of agriculture, food and forestry. Via this instrument lasting scientific partnerships are promoted and out-standing young scientists receive support.

The BLE supports the BMEL in management of the bilateral exchange of scientists. The tasks of the division "International Cooperation and Global Food Security" (323) includes the evaluation of project proposals, the preparation of documents for approval together with the BMEL and the coordination of financial management.

Eligible Costs

Under the programme "bilateral exchange of scientists" the BLE on behalf of the BMEL finances travel and accommodation costs of scientists in compliance with the Federal Travelling Expenses Act.

The payment of travel costs in the host-country depends on specifications in the individual treaties for technical cooperation (WTZ agreement) with the respective countries.

Eligible Scientific Institutions

Eligible to submit proposals are the Federal Research Institutes, Universities, University of Applied Sciences and publicly financed research organizations.

Conditions for Support

Prerequisite for financial support is compliance of applicants' proposals with the call and its thematic focus. The proposed project should benefit both project partners. Each research project should operate bilaterally. For a balanced exchange travelling and research activities should take place in both collaborating countries. Small variations with regard to the number of travelers and the time spent in the respective partner country may occur.

German experts, travelling for research purposes have to submit a report to BLE after each trip. The collaborating parties should publish a joint scientific report in an internationally acknowledged scientific journal at the end of each bilateral research project.

Application documents

Project proposals must be submitted to the division 323, which also avails the application forms. With specific countries, like currently the People's Republic of China, Russia and New Zealand, established planning processes have to be followed. Please get in touch with division 323 if you are interested in a research cooperation with any of these countries.