Federal Office for Agriculture and Food

BLE Guiding Principles

The BLE. For Agriculture and Food.

The Federal Office for Agriculture and Food (BLE) is the central service provider within the scope of the Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture (BMEL). We focus on tasks related to the implementation of measures aiming to strengthen sustainable agricultural, food, forestry and fishery industries along with rural development, and on the central provision of administrative and information services for the scope of the BMEL and other departments.


  • rely on our broad spectrum of expertise;
  • develop concepts to meet complex national and international tasks and implement them pragmatically;
  • organise cooperative and dialogue-oriented cooperation with our partners, thanks to years of experience;
  • combine our expertise with our procedural knowhow and information services;
  • react quickly and flexibly to new tasks and challenges.

We gear our services to the needs and requirements of our partners, customers and contracting parties in the fields of politics, society, economy, science and administration. Legal certainty and economic viability determine our actions. Our advice is both transparent and comprehensive. We decide promptly. Our long-term experience in agricultural and food policies translates into competence and practical relevance. Through our external service we assure our local presence, across the nation.

We apply the principles of cooperation and cooperative staff management and deal openly with each other. Competent, flexible and motivated employees are crucial for our success. The BLE considers the participation in decision making, the encouragement of performance, flexible working hours, measures which facilitate the reconciliation of work and family life as well as corporate health management a matter of course.

Responsibilities are clearly defined. We encourage and expect individual responsibility, personal initiative and flexibility at work as much as our employees’ continuous development of their technical skills. We assume our responsibility where appropriate working conditions in the public sector are concerned.

The BLE. nationwide - close to life - committed


The BLE. Federal Office for Agriculture and Food

As a central implementing authority in the agricultural sector, the BLE fulfils a variety of tasks in the areas of Agriculture, Fisheries, Food and Consumer Protection.


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