Navigation and service

Help for Using the BLE Website

This page will help you navigationg the BLE website so that you find the information you are interested in.


The BLE homepage has two horizontal navigation bars. The main navigation provides an overview of the BLE's tasks from "Market Organisation" to "International Relations". A second navigation bar below gives you information about the BLE itself and its press office and contains a direct link to European tenders advertised by the BLE.

A breadcrumb navigation tool on each page allows you to reconstruct the path on which you reached a pages within the website and serves as an additional bar for navigation. Every menu item in this bar can be clicked so that its content is directly reached. Alternatively, you can also use the footer navigation for finding the information you are interested in.

In the page header you find buttons for accessing a sitemap, opening a contact form and switching to the German version of the website.


The Englisch version of the BLE website provides an overview of our institution's activities and more detailed information on topics of European and international interest. The main information is found in the middle of the pages, the column on the right provides contact data and links to other websites (usually only provided when information is available in English).