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EU-Workshop on "Demonstration Farms for Integrated Pest Management" in Bonn

At the end of May, 70 actors from the transnational network for pest management "C-IPM: Coordinated Integrated Pest Management in Europe" and from the area of EU crop management guidelines took part in the workshop.

On the first day of the workshop "Demonstration Farms on Integrated Pest Management", those taking part from various EU countries visited the demonstration farm run by Volker Scheidtweiler in Mechernich-Wachendorf.

Since 2013 the arable farm has been demonstrating the pilot program for integrated pest management. It hence works as a national pilot operation and, with considerable mentoring on the part of the project assistant with the Chamber of Agriculture North Rhine Westphalia, puts the latest insights and procedures of integrated crop management into practice and demonstrates these to fellow professionals, consultants and the general public.

On selected demonstration sites the visitors are introduced to measures of integrated pest management. Moreover the pesticide sprayers, cleaning systems and various drift-reducing nozzles used in operations are explained.

Sharing experiences on integrated pest management in various EU countries

On the second day of the workshop the participants discussed how the latest insights and innovative processes of integrated pest management are tested and implemented at the demonstration farms of some EU member states and presented to the public.

The reports from France, Denmark, Germany, Ireland and Spain showed that whereas the strategies pursued admittedly differed, they all featured promising approaches that are worth following up.

The workshop "Demonstration Farms on Integrated Pest Management" was important for sharing ideas and experience between the EU member states. It showed that the establishment of demonstration farms is the right way to establish integrated pest management in agricultural practice.


An important measure of the national action programme for the sustainable application of pesticides involves the commitment to launch integrated pest management procedures into practice. To this end, the Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture (BMEL) financed the pilot project "Demonstration Farms for Integrated Pest Management".

The project encourages the horizontal and vertical transfer of knowledge between practice, politics and consultation by way of pest management services of the countries involved. The project is sponsored by the Federal Office for Agriculture and Food (BLE). The Julius Kühn Institute is responsible for coordination.

Date of issue:  2016.06.23