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In order to assure sustainable agriculture, forest management and nutritional education, the BLE supports a variety of national programmes. It serves as the umbrella organisation for the federal programmes for energy efficiency and for organic and sustainable farming (BÖLN).

Organic and Sustainable Farming

For some years now, the BLE has been fulfilling tasks in connection with the EC Eco Regulation and its implementing rules (i. a. authorizing control bodies, issuing marketing licenses, approving ingredients of agricultural origin). The BLE also organizes promotional measures within the Federal Programme for Organic and Sustainable Farming (BÖLN).

Biodiversity/Genetic Resources

The German government intends to orient agricultural production more closely than before towards the economic, social and organic/biological principles of sustainability. Agriculture, forestry and fisheries are meant to contribute more widely to the preservation of the agricultural landscape and of biodiversity and their natural resources.

Network for Rural Areas

The Network for Rural Areas supports the implementation of EU development policies for rural areas. These programs are funded by the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development (EAFRD). The "German Networking Unit for Rural Areas" of the BLE serves as the network hub.

National Action Plan on Sustainable Use of Plant Protection Products

The National Action Plan on Sustainable Use of Plant Protection Products focuses on innovation and further development of integrated plant protection management. The main task is the reduction of risks related to plant protection products, instead of a general reduction of plant protection products sales and usage. The BLE is responsible for the National Action Plant's website and involved in the development and implementation of the plan.

Energy Efficiency

In order to give additional impetus to climate protection at national and international levels, the German Government has provided funds from sales of emission certificates to support a comprehensive initiative aimed at climate protection.

IN FORM - National action plan to promote healthy diets and more physical activity

IN FORM, the national action plan initiated by the German government, intends to promote healthier diets and physical exercise to foster healthier environments for children to grow up in, to encourage adults to adopt healthier lifestyles and to see society as a whole enjoy a higher quality of life and general fitness. The action plan also intends to significantly reduce illnesses and diseases to which unhealthy lifestyles, including unbalanced diets and lack of physical activity, contribute. It aims at sustainably improving eating and exercise habits in Germany.